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NAA-Tampa Bay Graduation March 2019

NAA—Tampa Bay hosted a graduation ceremony for Classes 1/18 AMT and 8/18 AMP on March 19, 2019 at the Central Park Performing Arts Center in Largo, FL. Family and friends gathered to celebrate with students who successfully completed NAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) and Aviation Maintenance Professional (AMP) programs.

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Graduates of NAA’s AMP Program

Graduations are an opportunity to recognize the many achievements of each graduate and our March 2019 ceremony was no exception!

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March 2019’s Valedictorian David R.

Students who exhibited outstanding achievement were honored with specialized awards as well, including: David R. was named Top Technician-AMT and Daniel D. earned Top Technician-AMP. Awards were also presented for AMP Perfect Attendance, AMP Outstanding Attendance, AMT Perfect Attendance, AMT Outstanding Attendance. Team one, whose members included Jesse B., David G., Luis M., Jose R. and Douglas T., was named both Top Powerplant Team AND Top Airframe Team.

Students from these classes have already been hired by : Boeing, BNB Aircraft Services, Embraer, Embry Riddle, Endeavor, Geospatial, Gulfstream, Kittyhawk, Lockheed Martin, Piper, PSA Airlines, Sarasota Avionics, and TyonekGraduation is only the beginning. We can’t wait to see what each of these alumni will achieve in the aviation industry and beyond.

NAA makes a huge difference for anyone considering a career as an aircraft mechanic. It was a memorable experience to this day. It’s a great decision for anyone willing to work hard.

Joseph A.

(Alumni), Daytona, FL