NAA-Sponsored Soccer Team Plays in Acton Tournament

The NAA-sponsored soccer team, A&P Pending, participated in the Acton Teamworks Co-ed Soccer Tournament this past weekend in Acton, Massachusetts.  The roster included eight teams in a 7v7 round-robin format with each team playing four games, followed by a semi-final and final.

Hector Diaz scored the opening point of the first game, and A&P Pending was up 1-0! However, after a well-fought opener, the final score was 3-4.

NAA-sponsored soccer team, A&P Pending
NAA-sponsored soccer team, A&P Pending

The team looked to rebound after the initial defeat.  NAA’s defenses were strong, holding the score 0-0 well into the seventeenth minute of the game. The strategy worked for a time, but eventually the opposition made it past the defense – A&P Pending 0, Worcester Wanderers 2.

Victory was essential in the final rounds. In the third game, Momodou Singhateh made a piercing run through the opposing team’s defense passing the ball to Kyle Moore who put it past the keeper, A&P Pending ahead 1-0.  Ten minutes later A&P Pending scored another through Kyle and was ahead 2-0. As the game closed, A&P pending pulled through, 3-1. A&P pending also won their fourth and final game of the day, 3-2.

The tournament was an excellent way for students to bond outside of the classroom and build on what aviation maintenance is all about: teamwork.