Graduation is Live-Streamed for the First Time

National Aviation Academy (NAA) is proud to have hosted a virtual graduation ceremony, but this time was a bit different. Utilizing technology has been a priority for NAA, especially this year, to remain connected to the industry. In a first for NAA, the recent Tampa Bay graduation ceremony was live-streamed on social media on December 23, 2020! 

Students who completed NAA’s Advanced Aircraft Systems (AAS), Aviation Maintenance Professional (AMP), and Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) programs received their diplomas in-person while maintaining social distancing standards and protecting themselves and each other with facemasks! The entire ceremony was filmed and broadcast on Instagram TV to allow family and friends to share in this special moment together!

Accolades & Honors

Multiple students won attendance awards, including multiple perfect and outstanding attendance certificates! Graduates were also awarded Top Team awards, Top Tech awards, and a Valedictorian! We congratulate the Class of 0819 from Tampa Bay, and look forward to where their aviation maintenance journeys take them!

Graduation and Beyond!

Graduation is a special time for both students and staff members. Please congratulate Class 0819 from Tampa Bay for completing their respective programs! These graduates have put in time, effort, and passion into their studies. Good luck in the future, and may your opportunities be limitless!