What is The PAC Meeting?

National Aviation Academy and aviation industry employers recently met virtually on November 4, 2020 for a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to gain industry feedback about our curriculum, our alumni in the workforce, and to provide information about improvements we have made and our current student census.

Additionally, employers were given a chance to speak about their future forecast, COVID-19 response, and current aviation maintenance needs. Recruiters, program managers, and technical operations managers alike attended the PAC meeting. We had the pleasure of hosting companies including Bombardier, Cape Air, Duncan Aviation Inc., Embraer North America, Gulfstream, Dynamic Aviation Group Inc., Piedmont Airlines, Republic Airways, United Airlines, JetBlue, and PSA Airlines.

National Aviation Academy Updates

Representatives from both our New England and Tampa Bay campuses were in attendance to provide details about our COVID-19 response and facility updates we have made.

Some of the details shared about our COVID-19 response include:

  • Staggering student schedules and splitting up classrooms
  • Reviewing curriculum and testing materials to ensure instructors were providing the most accurate and updated information to students
  • Transforming break rooms into additional classrooms
  • Updating both campus hangar and campus facilities (painting, remodeling, installing newly donated equipment, updating the paint booth in New England, and upgrading technologies)
  • Cleaning and maintaining each classroom and hangars, including training equipment and tools

Employers were invited to visit NAA campuses for presentations, virtual interviews, and more, provided proper scheduling and safety protocols. In lieu of Career Fairs, virtual employer webinars have been ongoing since July 2020. The webinars have been well-received by both students and employers and will continue further. Companies who have presented at virtual employer webinars include Airborne, PSA Airlines, Cape Air, JetBlue, Northrop Grumman, Universal Studios, Piedmont Airlines, and more!

NAA staff and employers gather for a recent virtual PAC meeting!

NAA staff and industry employers gather for a recent virtual PAC meeting!

Employer Roundtable Discussion

Representatives from each attending company spoke about their future employment opportunities and the aviation industry as a whole. We appreciate them being able to provide some insight as to the future of the aviation maintenance workforce!

For example, Wayne Tibbetts, GX/LJ Operations Supervisor at Bombardier, spoke about the tours they have hosted over the past few years that help students better understand the industry and the expectations for aviation maintenance technicians and beyond!

Additionally, Heather Lamb, Technical Operations Recruiter at Dynamic Aviation Inc. remained positive and upbeat about opportunities that are currently available in certain locations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for many aviation industry sectors, but the roundtable discussion remained positive, and employer representatives ensured that the industry is recovering. While this will take time, the outlook is promising as the industry and companies therein are resilient.