NAA and Delta TechOps Partner to Meet Demand for AMTs

National Aviation Academy (NAA) and Delta TechOps have announced a partnership to assist in meeting the critical demand for qualified aviation maintenance technicians within the aviation industry.

Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) keep aircraft in safe flying condition by servicing, repairing and overhauling aircraft and aircraft components while following detailed manufacturer specifications and federal regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). AMTs are in high demand as the industry expands and technicians age out of the aviation workforce.

38 AMT schools were selected to work with Delta to prepare for the hiring need, which is projected to exceed 679,000 technicians by 2035, according to Boeing’s 2016 Pilot and Technician Outlook.

NAA was subject to a strict evaluation process and was found to meet FAA standards as well as Delta’s high principles that exceed industry standards. Educational programming at NAA will benefit from Delta as a resource for continuous improvement. Additionally, partnering with Delta will broaden student access to AMT careers available within the global aviation industry.

“Delta consistently delivers innovation, leadership and teamwork at the highest level. Students will benefit immeasurably from this partnership as we work together to produce quality aviation maintenance professionals,” said David Mead, Senior Executive Vice President for NAA.

NAA incorporates the latest technology and industry resources to deliver high quality aviation maintenance training. Partnering with Delta TechOps will strengthen NAA’s ability to achieve its mission of preparing students for employment in the aviation industry.