NAA Celebrates Girls and Women in Aviation!

Girls In Aviation Day takes place each year to encourage interested girls and women to pursue their passion in aviation. This year, it will be celebrated on September 23, 2017. Women In Aviation International created the event so that girls ages 8 to 17 can have early access to information and resources related to the vast field of aviation. Women In Aviation International provides year-round resources to assist women in aviation and to encourage young women to consider aviation as a career.*

The main objectives of Girls in Aviation Day are to:

CONNECT with other girls and women who are excited about aviation!
EXPLORE the opportunities for working in the aviation and aerospace industry!
EXPERIENCE the high-flying fun aviation offers!

NAA students gain real-work aviation experience through hands-on training
NAA students gain real-work aviation experience through hands-on training

Pilots and flight attendants immediately come to mind when most people think about the aviation industry, but careers opportunities in aviation maintenance are diverse and growing. . . and you can complete training in little as 14 months!

NAA is dedicated to assisting each individual achieve their personal and professional goals. Aviation maintenance is a unique field in which career opportunities outpace the number of qualified individuals to fill the jobs. There is a tremendous opportunity for women (and men!) to seek high-earning, in-demand careers in the aviation maintenance sector. Women have been at the forefront of aviation since it’s inception over a hundred years ago and can fill the skills gap that currently exists!

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