What is the Current Aviation Employment Outlook?

National Aviation Academy’s (NAA) Career Services department recently connected with 500 employer contacts to assess the current aviation employment outlook. Companies responded to the email within minutes that they are hiring A&P Technicians and Mechanics and other aviation-related positions and included the job links, or encouraged graduates to email the talent acquisition representatives directly. 

One employer partner in the Pensacola, FL, area plans to hire 40 A&Ps this year! Companies are seeking candidates all over the country. In addition to A&P positions, one company needs someone who can sell airplanes. Others are hiring mechanics who can travel, assemblers, sheet metal workers, avionics technicians, and controllers. Employers who responded to our query are from all over the country, and some have positions open at multiple locations.

Companies who are not currently hiring are eager to connect with graduates and students via group presentations and to build pipelines. As soon as their hiring freezes lift, candidates will be in place to start working. Other companies responded with when they hope to begin hiring, and requested to be informed regarding NAA’s events and graduating class dates. Still, others wanted to schedule meetings with Career Services right away to connect and continue our employer-partner relationships.

In an article titled “Industry Building Momentum to Eliminate Aviation Maintenance Technician Gap,” published April 8, 2020, Aviation Pros recently highlighted the Aviation Technician Education Council’s (ATEC) 2019-2020 Pipeline Report. The article indicates that  “Mechanics are still retiring faster than they are being replaced. The industry will need to increase its annual figure of new mechanics by 37 percent relative to 2019’s figure to meet the projected 20-year demand,” as “33 percent of the workforce is at or near retirement age.” NAA has heard similar sentiments from employers who continue to fill vacant positions before and during COVID-19.

The current aviation employment outlook continues to demonstrate the need for highly-trained aviation maintnenace technicians. As always, graduates are encouraged to connect with Career Services to obtain information regarding employers in the industry, for resume updates, or assistance with applying for employment.