NAA Career Fairs – How to distinguish yourself and land the job you WANT


Career Fairs take place three times per year at each NAA campus. The objective is to help students secure gainful employment in the aviation industry. We do this by putting our students in direct contact with industry hiring personnel.

NAA has built industry relationships based on the quality of our instruction and the high level of technicians that we produce. Whether you attend in Tampa Bay or New England, you will have opportunities to connect with a variety of employers who know and trust NAA’s reputation.

As an NAA student, employers are brought directly to you. However, landing the job you want means being prepared to get it.

Here are some simple ways to make the most of NAA Career Fairs:

  • Bring Your Resume (…lots of them!)
    It might seem like just a sheet of paper, but your resume is your most powerful marketing tool. Employers often spend less than a minute looking at a resume and it typically determines initial cuts from consideration.Strengthen your resume by making it a fluid, organized document that reflects your skills and your sensibilities. Verify that all information is accurate and up to date, with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Bring many copies of your resume to the Career Fair so that you can approach each employer that interests you.

    NAA’s Career Services department will help you build your resume and provide you an adequate number of copies. Be sure to contact them in advance!

  • Dress Appropriately
    All NAA students attending the Career Fair are encouraged to dress in professional wear. Please use discretion when choosing your attire. A collared shirt, slacks and dress shoes, for example, would be a good option. Steer clear of items such as jeans, T-shirts and hats. If you do not own any professional attire, you may wear your NAA uniform. Remember that your appearance is important when approaching prospective employers.
  • Prepare and Prioritize
    Prepare for the Career Fair by knowing who will be there. Research attendees and identify the companies that you are most interested in. If you know some background information about a company, you can ask more specific, focused questions. This reflects genuine interest, which impresses representatives.Prioritize the companies that you are most interested in and focus on them. One strategy is to visit a couple of employers that you are less excited about before the ones that really interest you. This can help you to warm up and be confident in front of your top selections. Be realistic about this tip though—do not miss out on opportunities or get bogged down trying to plan a schedule.

    Similarly, and perhaps most importantly, be flexible. Know that you cannot plan for everything. There might be a wait to speak to a certain employer, or you might find your dream job somewhere you least expected.

  • Know Your Pitch, Make an Impression
    In addition to representing yourself at the Career Fair, you also represent NAA. Career Fair attendees are there because of their interest in hiring NAA students. Use this to your advantage! Think critically about what you want to say about yourself, your skills and what you can offer an employer.Always be courteous and respectful. Engage in direct, meaningful conversation and offer to continue the conversation at a later time—or know which companies to approach about an on-site interview. Enjoy yourself, meet employers and let your positive attitude show!

Upcoming Career Fairs are scheduled on 7/21/2016 in New England and 9/15/2016 in Tampa Bay. On-site recruiter visits and on-site interviews will take place. All students are encouraged to attend.