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NAA-Airborne Tampa Join Forces for Mentorship

NAA has partnered with Airborne Tampa to grow exceptional aviation maintenance talent by placing current students in a mentorship that provides participants with leadership challenges while developing them into future Airborne employees. NAA students Triston J. and Muhammad A. are current participants in this program.

Airborne Mentorship

Current NAA-Airborne Tampa Mentees Triston J. and Muhammad A.

Students engage weekly with a mentor seeking to expand their capabilities, engage in new ways of learning, open themselves to feedback, gain a sense of personal responsibility and ownership in the mentor/mentee relationship and understand the importance of punctuality/attendance in the workplace.

Other mentorship objectives include:

  • Retention and engagement
  • Support and reward high performance
  • Succession planning
  • Creation of talent pool
  • Development of professional relationships
  • Create a culture of continuous learning
  • Individual development
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Career growth and development
  • Cultivate individual career planning ownership

It is important to not only teach the foundations of aviation maintenance, but also the skills required to be successful in the aviation industry. We are grateful to our partner Airborne Tampa for offering this tremendous opportunity to NAA student candidates. For more information on how you can join us and start your career as an aviation maintenance technician, call (800) 659-2080 today!

NAA makes a huge difference for anyone considering a career as an aircraft mechanic. It was a memorable experience to this day. It’s a great decision for anyone willing to work hard.

Joseph A.

(Alumni), Daytona, FL