National Aviation Academy (NAA) recently hosted Leadership Pinellas, a group of leaders in education, city, and government, to tour the Tampa Bay campus to learn about aviation maintenance careers and the value of FAA-approved schools like NAA. Guests participated in a student-led hands-on project, instructor demonstrations, and Q&A with our executive team.

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About Leadership Pinellas

Leadership Pinellas is an issues-oriented learning program that promotes personal growth, leadership opportunities, interchange of ideas about Pinellas County, and enthusiasm for services to the community.

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The mission of Leadership Pinellas is to enhance community leadership by providing a diverse group of emerging and existing leaders with opportunities to increase their community knowledge, civic network, and perpetuate their service to the community. The vision of Leadership Pinellas is a community rich in well-informed, committed, and passionately engaged leaders who create a vital, positive community for current and future generations.

Students Become Teachers

Leadership Pinellas spent an exciting portion of their visit in our Aviation Lab. Instructors Chris Burchell and Tim Wethington lead this portion of the NAA curriculum for day-shift classes. It is where students have the opportunity to learn about one of the most crucial parts of an aircraft: the airframe.

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The mechanical structure of an aircraft is known as the airframe. Typically, the fuselage, undercarriage, wings, and empennage comprise the airframe of a given aircraft.

As part of airframe training, students work with sheet metal to understand the importance of proper riveting, repairs, and essential terminology that pertain to structures.

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Students treated members of Leadership Pinellas to presentations about sheet metal and riveting, where small groups were able to witness each student providing examples of their work, showcasing how to “shoot” rivets, and even guiding Leadership Pinellas members in hands-on practice! The energy in the room was infectious, and we are proud of the students who were willing and able to provide such an experience for Leadership Pinellas representatives!

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Our Local Economic Impact & The Importance of FAA-Approved Schools in Aviation Maintenance

Students come from all over the Tampa Bay region, across the nation, and even the globe, to become successful aviation maintenance professionals through NAA training.

NAA’s Student Services department works with local businesses and organizations to ensure our students have the resources and support they need to succeed during their training!

Beyond our walls, our Career Services department connects with local and global aviation, aerospace, engineering, and manufacturing companies to place our alumni in positions across the industry.

The education process is a critical piece of an aircraft mechanic’s journey. It allows them to form positive habits and gain needed experience with hands-on material. It takes dedication and hard work to complete the required hours and cover all the required subject areas. Part-147 schools offer the structure, instruction, necessary materials, and assurance needed to meet the FAA-mandated requirements to become a certified aviation maintenance professional.

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