Kicking Off NAA-New England’s Soccer Season

NAA-sponsored soccer team Team NAA is currently participating in the Acton Teamworks Monday Night Co-ed Soccer league. The format is 6 v 6 games, with 25 minute halves. The season kicked off on September 11, 2017, with games occurring every Monday night!

The opening game started off slowly until minute twelve when the opposition scored back-to-back goals. Team NAA responded with a strike by Brian Mejia in the seventeenth minute (2-1).  The opposition took advantage of the upfront play and got behind our defense, scoring a third goal. Kyle Moore, a substitute, then scored a point for Team NAA (3-2). Momodou Singhateh scored an equalizing shot in minute twenty-three, pulling Team NAA level before the half ended. Despite the flurry of shots taken by the opposition, Team NAA stayed within range due to the efforts of Ralf Joseph who was working between the sticks in goal during the first half. He was undoubtedly the MVP of the half!

Steady pressure was kept by both teams during the second half, but the opposition was the first to break through with a scrappy goal (4-3). Three minutes later: another point. Then, NAA’s Singhateh scored (5-4).  The opposition came back hard, scoring another pair of back-to-back goals, leaving NAA down by three. Moore then quickly scored, making a singular run through the opposition’s defense (7-5). Singhateh managed to strip the ball away, serving a brilliant pass to Moore in the twentieth minute, scoring his 3rd goal of the game and bringing NAA within one of leveling the score.

In minute twenty-four, the opposition scored the final goal of the game and then the whistle blew. It was a well-fought initial loss for Team NAA (8-6), but morale is high and we will be playing to win next week!