Industry News: Nearly 1.5 Million Aviation Professionals Needed by 2035


In industry news—a primary reason to consider a career in aviation maintenance is the increasing number of available jobs in the industry. However, these positions cannot be filled without qualified, highly-trained aviation maintenance professionals. National Aviation Academy (NAA) uses industry standards to develop curriculum and meet the needs of the aviation industry. Training at NAA is a first step to access the growing field of aviation.

Evaluating where there is growth and what is required to prepare students for employment is of primary concern. A trusted source for industry predictions is Boeing’s Pilot and Technician Outlook, a respected industry study which forecasts the demand for aviation professionals to support the world’s growing commercial air fleet. Its most recent version was released on July 25, 2016.

Now in its seventh year, Boeing looks to 2035. The study suggests that nearly 1.5 million technicians and pilots will be needed to meet the demands of the industry over the next 20 years. This indicates an 11.3 percent growth in the aviation maintenance sector alone, up from last year’s forecast.

The increase in job projections is attributed to fleet growth. As global economies expand, tens of thousands of new commercial jets will make their debut flights—new aircraft will need to be operated as well as maintained. This translates to an additional 35,000 aviation maintenance technicians required per year from 2016 to 2035.

Calling the demand for aviation personnel “extraordinary,” Boeing suggests that meeting the need will require innovative solutions. Since they do not train aviation maintenance technicians or pilots, Vice President Sherry Carbary states that Boeing “believe[s] the industry can use these numbers for planning purposes.”

Educational and career pipeline programs will be necessary to train and place qualified individuals. Both are crucial to meet the demands of the industry and sustain growing diversity within the field. With this in mind, contact NAA today!

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