What does the future look like?

As technology continues to evolve at an exponential rate, ideas and concepts like flying cars that once seemed like futuristic science fiction are increasingly approaching actuality!  

The Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft (eVTOL) are designed to take off, hover, and land vertically thanks to an electric propulsion system. While many companies are developing their own eVTOL models, EmbraerX is taking it a step further by incorporating ground transportation into their design to conceptualize the EmbraerX Pulse eVTOL. 

How will it work? 

Designed to be a multi-mode transport service, the Pulse eVTOL acts as an autonomous moving air taxi, transporting passengers to their destinations, landing and docking on a ground vehicle after moving passengers from skyport to skyport 

Systems operate autonomously, without human involvement or passengers having to get in and out. Passengers simply select the destination and the system takes care of everything else.  

Passengers receive tailored Informative guides of their destination that provides interest-based things to do. These guides will include a briefing of general info, history, and current news about the area.  

When will the Pulse eVTOL become a reality? 

While the Pulse eVTOL is still in the works, many companies already have aerial taxi networks in development. The New York Times reports, “Analysts with Morgan Stanley have said they expect urban air taxis to be common by 2040”. Once air taxi networks are “off-the-ground”, and further engineering and testing are conducted, The Pulse eVTOL concept can come to fruition.  

See how some car manufacturers like ToyotaRolls-Royce, and Porsche are getting on board with this idea! 

What could this mean for you? 

Are you already working in automotive maintenance and ready to apply your skills in a greater capacity? A huge part of training to be an Aviation Maintenance Professional is developing your technical knowledge and tool familiarization. While it is not a prerequisite to our programs, by already having hands-on experience, you are primed to be successful through the coursework and hands-on training. 

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