Recently, National Aviation Academy’s Tampa Bay campus unveiled its brand new Snap-On aviation lab. The 3,000-square-foot facility is fully equipped with the tools students will need to work on several projects including fabrication, sheet metal instruction and riveting. The dual lab/classroom is assembled with suspended air reels and fully-equipped workstations. Students can design, construct and paint a cross section of a wing all within the lab space.

Snap-on Lab_


Six television screens are mounted on the center columns of the room to assist with course materials. Instructors will be given wireless headsets so they are able to walk around the room freely. At the front of the room, there will be a small camera with an articulated arm that can capture any hands-on demonstrations the instructors may need to perform.

Snap-on Lab__2

Three NAA faculty members, Bob Berryhill, Robb Cevasco and Rob Ryerson went to Phoenix, Ariz. to complete their training with Snap-On. The students who receive training in torquing and metering from these instructors will also be certified by Snap-On. The addition of the training facility on campus will shorten the time lag between the students’ lectures and lab work.