Boeing: Pilot and Technician Outlook 2018-2037

Boeing’s Pilot and Technician Outlook is a respected industry study compiled each year to forecast the projected growth in the aviation industry. For over 55 years, Boeing has studied economic, airline, travel and fleet data to project demand over a 20-year period. Boeing’s studies continue to be the industry standard to understand growth in commercial aviation.

“By any measure, the commercial aviation sector is soaring. More people are taking to the air than ever before…” Boeing has determined. This year’s outlook has suggested that 754,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed to service the world fleet over the next 20 years. This is tremendous news for the niche technicians who are working on, or studying to maintain, aircraft. It is the eighth consecutive year that Boeing has reported steady and above-trend growth in aviation.

Educational outreach and career pipeline programs, like those offered at NAA, will be essential to inspiring the next generation aircraft maintenance technicians. Early student engagement and defined aviation career paths will help expand the reach to new demographics. Additionally, as personnel demand increases over the next two decades, it will be imperative that the aviation industry finds innovative solutions to keep pace with training requirements. Course curriculums will need to be tailored to enable optimum learning and knowledge retention. Immersive technologies, adaptive learning, and new teaching methods will also be needed to be explored.

NAA meets with industry leaders five times per year to ensure that our students are kept abreast of the necessary training, skills and requirements that the industry demands. Graduates are well-equipped for the high-earning and viable positions that await them post-graduation, since they have been familiarized with the direct needs of aviation maintenance employers.

For more information about how you can train for the future demands in aviation maintenance, call (800) 659-2080.


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NAA Stuffed the Bus!

Helping Students in Need by Providing Them With Tools To Succeed!

Did you know that approximately 13% of families in Pinellas County are at poverty level and more than 3,000 children are homeless? National Aviation Academy (NAA), and other amazing local donors, partnered with the Pinellas Education Foundation and the Pinellas County Council PTA this summer to collect school supplies at three different locations for students in need.

It was an awesome day to Stuff the Bus!

NAA participated in the August 8th drop-off at St. Petersburg City Hall. As annual donors to this cause, we aim to give students the tools they need to learn and achieve their dreams.

Student Appreciation at NAA-Tampa Bay

It’s summertime. And what’s better in 93-degree weather than a refreshing Italian Ice? National Aviation Academy offers classes all year round and new students start their aviation journeys every five weeks! To show appreciation for our students and staff, Skoops Italian Ice was on campus serving a variety of different flavors on August 9th at the Tampa Bay campus. It was a great opportunity to see everyone come together outside of the classroom for some fun!