Tampa Bay – January Graduation

NAA—Tampa Bay classes 1015 and 616 graduated yesterday, January 31, 2017, at the Largo Cultural Center. Students took pride in their accomplishments as they made their way across the stage.

Members of these classes displayed organization, respect and courtesy to one another throughout the graduation ceremony—traits that will serve them well in the aviation industry. Industry leaders such as Clearwater Aviation, General Atomics, HAECO and others, have already hired from this group of graduates.

Best of luck in your new careers, grads, you have earned them!

Tampa Bay Students Explore Experimental Aircraft


Tampa Bay’s 9th term class visited Clearwater Air Park on January 12, 2017. Students were given a tour of the facilities, and were introduced to members of Chapter 282 of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) who are in the process of building an aircraft from the ground up.

EAA Chapter 282 President Bruce Brock guided students on the tour. He discussed a number of experimental aircraft located at the air park and gave an in-depth presentation of his own Van’s RV-7A.

As graduation nears, students are reminded of their passion for aviation and how it will serve them in the industry. The tour highlighted how they might engage in the recreational aviation community – both personally and professionally.

Tampa Bay Student Council – January 12, 2017


NAA—Tampa Bay’s Student Council held a meeting on Thursday, January 12, 2017. With approximately twenty in attendance, students and staff collaborated on follow-up items and new business. Here are the highlights:

  • The hangar manual is currently being redesigned and replaced. Those working on the project are giving it special attention to make it lasting. The manual is being split into sections so that the information will be more easily accessible.
  • Student uniforms are an ongoing topic of conversation. Management is in the process of approving a uniform overhaul. Both safety and aesthetic are being taken into consideration for the forthcoming design. Changes to student dress will be implemented in the coming months.
  • Updates are being made to student lecture materials. NAA’s education department is working on dynamic content to supplement FAR Part 147 lessons and curriculum objectives. Our instructors understand that everyone learns differently. One benefit of an NAA education is that lectures are reinforced through hands-on projects. That said, the updated in-class materials will be informative, visually appealing and, as always, compliant to FAA standards.