Aero Club of New England Scholarship Winners

Aero Club of New England (ACONE), in an effort to assist and promote professional aviation careers, started its scholarship program in 1984 and has awarded scholarships to men and women since 1987, totaling more than $459,000.

Two of ACONE’s 2017 scholarships have been presented to NAA—New England students Daniel Clinton and Hector Diaz. Scholarship winners were chosen based on the merit and performance of individuals who completed a six-part application process and are actively pursuing professional aviation maintenance careers. It is a distinct honor that NAA students were included as recipients.

Congratulations, Daniel and Hector!

Tampa Bay Graduation – May 18, 2017

NAA—Tampa Bay hosted a graduation ceremony for Classes 2/16 AMT and 10/16 AMP on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at the Central Park Performing Arts Center. Family and friends gathered to celebrate with students who successfully completed NAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician and Advanced Aircraft Systems programs.


Graduates from these classes have already secured employment with industry leaders such as Boeing Defense, Cape Air, Stambaugh Aviation, Gulfstream, Envoy, Norfolk Rail, Piedmont, PSA Airlines, Sarasota Avionics and SkyWest Airlines, some even before walking at graduation!

Students who exhibited outstanding achievement received specialized awards. Paul Verdin was awarded Top Tech-AMT and Charles Hukalowicz was named Top Tech-AMP. Congratulations, graduates, and good luck in your exceedingly bright futures!

Encouraging Community Engagement at High Point Elementary

High Point Elementary, located just down the road from NAA’s Tampa Bay campus, considers it essential that “school staff, families, and community members work collaboratively to ensure the success of ALL students.”* We couldn’t agree more. NAA has proudly partnered with High Point Elementary by donating T-shirts to their 5th grade class, encouraging community engagement and support.

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In their mission, the elementary sets out “create learners who are prepared to move on to the next level and be lifelong learners and productive citizens within our community.”* Motivating life-long learners is something we will always champion – and gladly so, in the case of High Point Elementary’s 5th grade class!

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