Benefits of Testing as You Go

We’ve all been there before. The moment of panic looking down at a test that might as well be in a foreign language. No matter the reason, months passing since the material was last covered or not knowing the content well enough to start, it’s never a good feeling. Here at National Aviation Academy, we want to spare you that undue stress. We understand the importance of building a solid foundation and testing as you go.

But what does that even mean? For starters, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that aviation maintenance students pass pass oral, practical, and written exams in sequence to earn their Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) licenses. The oral and practical exams cover 43 technical subjects.

To help students retain information and gear up for these FAA-mandated tests, National Aviation Academy offers what is known as “testing as you go.” Students are tested as they progress through coursework and projects to prove competency and understanding of the subject material. This way, they can show they fully grasp the content that will later make up the tests that the FAA mandates to earn those A&P licenses.

Retaining Information

The process of testing as you go is vital to ensuring that the curriculum has been adequately understood. It also shows that the student can remember concepts or facts, retrieve memories of material, and possesses an increased likelihood of retaining the material in the long-term.

Repeated testing is beneficial in one of two ways:

  1. It allows students with long-term retention, preparing them for those oral, practical, and written exams by the FAA and;
  2. It enables instructors to see if students are struggling with a subject, which allows them to assist the students!

Testing as you go at NAA is a beneficial learning strategy, allowing students to train and understand the material before moving on to another set of curricula. Of course, it is also helpful to study – which helps with memory retention as well!

Focusing on Your Career

Another benefit of National Aviation Academy’s testing as you go method is that it prepares students for their careers!

Imagine an aviation maintenance technician fresh out of school. Those provided the opportunity to test while progressing through coursework will likely have a much better understanding and grasp on everyday work than those who had gone over the material months previously with no testing. Also, those who have attended NAA are familiar and comfortable with the tools required for the job at hand, because we prioritize hands-on training with tools that will be found at career sites!

Student Success

Overall, testing as you go is beneficial to not only the student while attending classes, but also in their future careers. No matter the job at hand, students who attend National Aviation Academy have the opportunity to confirm their strengths and know the areas that need extra attention because of the testing provided at NAA.

Will it take hard work, studying, and time to earn A&P licenses? Of course! A test without actual effort is meaningless if the knowledge is not attempted in the first place! Yet, with dedication and industry-veteran instructors willing to go the extra mile and assist students in understanding the material, students have a much better opportunity to learn.

In addition to testing as you go, getting into the mindset that the experience of their coursework and projects will be useful in real-life scenarios on the job is also essential. Knowing and understanding the curriculum taught in class opens new doors and opportunities, especially for future careers.

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