Aviation Maintenance Students Commit to Excellence

Special people walk through National Aviation Academy’s doors everyday… people who will become aviation maintenance students and go on to fix, service and maintain the aircraft that carry our families and economy. It is important work that we train for and it is hard work to succeed. A group of students who have committed to excellence, and achieved it, is NAA-Tampa Bay’s Graduating Class of December 2018.  It takes focus, drive and commitment to be a successful aviation maintenance student; three things that this class has in abundance. Not only do they possess the qualities that will make them valuable in the industry, they possess individual and team spirit that has led them win awards at every term change from first term through sixth! They have been awarded for consistently having the least hours and academics owed of all the classes on campus. This is a tremendous achievement and one we are proud to honor.

Join us in congratulating these students at their graduation ceremony on December 13, 2018 at 4:30 PM at the Central Park Performing Arts Center in Largo, FL.


NAA makes a huge difference for anyone considering a career as an aircraft mechanic. It was a memorable experience to this day. It’s a great decision for anyone willing to work hard.

Joseph A.

(Alumni), Daytona, FL