Applying for Scholarships


Scholarships are monetary awards given to students to help fund their education. In most cases, students are not required to pay this money back! There are a multitude of different scholarships students can apply for to help pay for tuition at National Aviation Academy.

Some scholarships are to be used strictly for tuition, but others can go toward books, housing or other expenses. Other scholarships are intended for specialized training courses on certain types of aircraft that can help a student get ahead in their hands-on training. Students choose to attend these courses if they are planning on working for a company that services a particular type of aircraft.

Tips on applying:

  • Begin doing your research on scholarships as soon as possible.
  • Confirm that scholarships will be accepted at a Part-147 aircraft maintenance school.
  • Be weary of deadlines. Use a calendar to stay organized and keep all deadline dates in mind.
  • Double check that you met all of the requirements before submitting applications. Some scholarships may require you to write an essay, others you simply just have to apply for.
  • Keep searching for scholarships throughout your time in school. New scholarships are posted every day!
  • Use your resources on campus. Financial aid officers may know about some scholarships that aren’t posted online.

Here are some resources to help you get started on your scholarship search:

Fastweb: Fastweb is a scholarship matching service and a great place to begin your search. After signing up for an account, you are matched with scholarships you already qualify for and news ones are sent straight to your email inbox each week.

The following links contain scholarships for students pursuing an education in aviation maintenance: