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Airplane Mechanic Training – Clearwater, Florida

National Aviation Academy (NAA) provides world-class airplane mechanic training. Our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved training programs offer the certification, skills, and practical experience needed to start an in-demand career as an airplane mechanic.

As a National Aviation Academy student, your education will include:

  • Hands-on, career-focused training in classrooms, labs, and at a live aircraft hangar
  • Mentorship from industry-experienced, Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) certified instructors
  • Ability to test and become FAA certified as you complete your training
  • Access to in-demand, airplane mechanic salary earning positions upon graduation
  • Multiple Career Fairs per year, where industry recruiters come to you
  • Career placement assistance

Why National Aviation Academy?

We know what industry-leading employers need in the next generation of airplane mechanics. To get you there, we offer aviation maintenance courses designed with their needs and yours in mind.

At NAA, we’ve been training airplane mechanics since 1932. As a long-accredited, reputable aviation school, our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality training, at the best value, in the shortest amount of time.


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The Process is Simple

Train to be an airplane mechanic at National Aviation Academy today!

Research + Apply

Skilled Admissions Representatives will help you decide if aviation maintenance is the right path for you. To enroll, you’ll need passion, drive, and a desire for hands-on work. Once accepted, training begins!

Train + Get Certified

Our programs focus on aviation fundamentals, Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certification, and advanced avionics expertise. Get the training you need to start your airplane mechanic career at our campus and hangar in Clearwater, FL.

Start Your Career

Ultimately, hard work pays off. Industry-leading employers visit our campuses multiple times per year to recruit aviation maintenance talent. Once certified, what company or sector of aviation will you choose?

We focus exclusively on

Airplane Mechanic Training

We train airplane mechanics at National Aviation Academy because aviation maintenance is what we know, love, and want to do. In our opinion, that’s exactly how it should feel when you wake up to do your job every day. The good news: airplane technicians are in demand!

The future of the aviation maintenance industry depends on a new generation of highly-trained aviation technicians. Our mission is to build that future together.

NAA is one of a select number of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved airplane maintenance technicians schools in the country. Our hands-on curriculum is taught in classrooms, labs, and hangars at active airfields. You’re in for an immersive, meaningful, career-focused aviation maintenance education.


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