Apartments, houses and condos are available for rent in the vicinity of the campus. Prices will vary depending on the location, size and roommates, among other factors. In order to find appropriate housing we recommend that students arrive at least one week prior to class start in order to have time to search and should arrange to stay at a hotel during this time.

The student should be prepared to pay the first month’s rent and security deposit, which is often equal to a whole month’s rent. They may also need to pay deposits for utilities, such as telephone and electricity. Most apartments are not furnished, so remember to budget for furniture as well as household and kitchen items.

Keep in mind that there are some apartments within walking distance of the school, but some international students purchase cars while they’re here since the public transportation system in Clearwater is limited. Although bus service is available, buses do not run late in the evening. If you decide to buy a car, know that there will be additional costs such as automobile insurance, maintenance and annual license tags.

The Student Services Department at NAA assists students to locate the right accommodations and can help in finding a roommate(s) when requested at no charge.

We encourage students to take advantage of our student housing services as soon as possible. Securing housing before arriving to the area prevents distractions that could detract from training.


The Department of Student Services at National Aviation Academy of New England provides referrals to safe and affordable housing for students from all over the world. Our residents enjoy their home away from home and develop life-long relationships with fellow classmates.

NAA of New England works closely with several fully furnished units in nearby apartment communities. The locations are close to the school and are only minutes away from Boston. Living in student housing is part of the NAA experience and it allows our students to focus on their training and education. We encourage our residents to form carpools and study groups and to help each other by maintaining a clean and healthy living environment.

Student Services can also assist in finding other housing options for those who are interested. We look forward to having you as part of our community and the NAA experience.