The History of NAA

At the start of the twentieth century, flight was becoming more than just a dream in the United States. Several aviation enthusiasts were drawing up new ways to take to the sky, and were conducting extensive experiments involving balloons, kites and gliders. Most famously, the Wright brothers made the first controlled, sustained flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft in 1903

In 1914, the first commercial flight, captained by Tony Jannus, made its way across Tampa Bay from St. Petersburg to Tampa, Fla. This historic flight marked the beginning of commercial aviation. Aircraft underwent tremendous advancement over the next two decades, changing from wood and fabric to sleek, aluminum-based flying machines. These developments led to a boom in commercial aviation, and, with it, came a need for skilled mechanics to ensure the proper working and safety of aircraft.

National Aviation Academy (NAA) was founded in 1932 with the single purpose of preparing individuals for careers in aviation. From humble beginnings arose a community of educators and students dedicated to building a quality aviation maintenance workforce. NAA now thrives in the multi-trillion-dollar global aerospace industry.

Our Campuses:

NAA-New England:

On a clear September day in 1996, John T. Griffin, Sr. stood before a gathered group of students, faculty, family, and friends to accept another industry honor. The school had just acquired a new building to house its administrative offices, classrooms, and sizable hangar. The building was being dedicated to Mr. Griffin, a recognized pioneer in aviation history. He was almost ninety, but his commanding presence was as sharp as it was when he founded what was then known as East Coast Aero Tech (ECAT) in 1932.

Mr. Griffin originally formed the school to teach flying. However, as the fleet of airplanes grew, it became nearly impossible to find mechanics sufficiently skilled in aircraft maintenance. He solved the problem by starting an apprenticeship program for mechanics. The growth of this program paralleled the growth of the flying operation. Ultimately, the decision was made to devote the teaching activity solely to aviation maintenance technology. With a highly-experienced staff in place, many returning from military service, the reorganized school was dedicated to becoming equal to, or better than, any school of its type in the country.

Mr. Griffin retired in 1977, and his son, John Jr., succeeded him. The School was acquired by Wentworth Institute of Technology in 1986. In March of 1996, new management purchased the School from the Wentworth Institute of Technology, and in August of 2003, the School was acquired by Corinthian Colleges, Inc. On July 1, 2004, the School changed names from East Coast Aero Tech to WyoTech.

In May 2008, NAA purchased the assets of WyoTech-Bedford to continue the legacy of the former East Coast Aero Tech. Joining NAA’s Tampa Bay campus (established in 1969), our shared mission is to educate aviation maintenance students in a learning environment conducive to excellence in meeting the needs and challenges of the global aviation marketplace.

NAA-Tampa Bay:

Known for its rich history in aviation, Pinellas County was the site of the first scheduled commercial airline flight in the United States. Operated by Tony Jannus in 1914, that flight (from St. Petersburg to Tampa) marked the dawn of commercial aviation. Fifty-five years later an academy was formed to teach the inner workings of aircraft in the very same, sunny region of Florida. Since 1969, NAA has offered aviation maintenance training in Tampa Bay.

A worldwide reputation has been cultivated through the use of innovative curriculum, hands-on training and a forward-thinking sensibility. Students gain industry knowledge and exceptional skills by engaging with faculty who have years of experience across sectors.

Additionally, in May 2008, NAA purchased the assets of WyoTech-Bedford to continue the legacy of the former East Coast Aero Tech, established in 1932.

Continued Legacy:

NAA offers a comprehensive curriculum composed of coursework and hands-on training. Using industry standards and a forward-thinking sensibility, NAA trains candidates who are educated, skilled and well versed in aviation culture. Industry leaders seek out NAA graduates for their reputation, knowledge, professionalism and success.

Together, our campuses provide aviation maintenance and advanced aircraft systems training to individuals from across the country and the globe in Clearwater, FL and Concord, MA.



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Tampa Bay

6225 Ulmerton Rd.
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Phone: 1-800-659-2080
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