National Aviation Academy offers a course that builds on the knowledge base of an A&P mechanic. NAA strives to be a leader in the field of aviation and understands the advancements within the industry. Today’s planes contain the latest technologies and electrical systems and we’ve designed a program to fit that need.

Our 3,000 clock hour AMP program combines Aviation Maintenance Technology (2,000 hours) and our Avionics Technology (1,000 hours) program. Students gain a well rounded education through traditional A&P training and advanced systems knowledge of todays modern aircraft. NAA curriculum includes wiring, troubleshooting electrical systems and advanced diagnostic training.

Today airplanes and jets continue to evolve with new systems both mechanically and electronically. Some of the latest commercial airliners have progressed past sheet metal to a lighter composite and the steam gauges in the cockpits have been replaced with large touch screens. It is important for technicians in the field to understand all components of the aircraft. These skill sets and knowledge make you more valuable to your company.


National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT) is dedicated to the development of nationally recognized standards and certifications identified and recognized by industry professionals. NCATT standards are easily adaptable into any education or training program to qualify aerospace professionals in their designated career field. NCATT certifications demonstrate the knowledge base of the advanced aerospace technician to promote integrity, safety and professionalism in the aerospace workforce. National Aviation Academy was the first school to adopt the NCATT approved curriculum.


Employment opportunities for aviation maintenance professionals has never been greater. A recent Boeing study showed that over 584,000 mechanics will need to be hired over the next 20 years.


$55,230 The median salary of an aviation technician. (From BLS)
584,000 The number of aviation mechanics that will need to be hired over the next 20 years. (Boeing)

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