New England – December 2016 Graduation


NAA—New England held a graduation ceremony for Class 915 on Thursday, December 8, 2016 at the Maynard Lodge of Elks in Maynard, MA. Family and friends gathered to celebrate the achievements of the nineteen graduates who completed the Aviation Maintenance Technician program.

Students who exhibited outstanding performance received specialized awards. Robert Smith was presented with the Topic Mechanic award. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) award went to Matthew Serafino. Shawn Herrick received the Student Council award. Perfect Attendance awards were presented to Owusu Afriyie, Jordan Fernandes, Matthew Serafino, Robert Smith and Christina Van Gieson. Outstanding Academics awards went to Samuel Bradley, Nzita Joel Mbungu, James Mackenzie, Matthew Serafino, Robert Smith and Christina Van Gieson.

Congratulations graduates and good luck in your new careers!

Tampa Bay Student Council – December 8, 2016


NAA—Tampa Bay’s Student Council held a meeting on Thursday, December 8, 2016. Sixteen individuals were in attendance, including two new members from 1st term.

Follow-up items included computer upgrades and improvements to Tampa Bay’s hangar. Additionally, students were notified that updates to the main campus facility will be taking place while they are on winter break.

New business included a reiteration of NAA’s hours policy. The policy is prescribed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and has been established so that students are able to complete the requisite number of hours required for licensure.

Lastly, NAA staff went over a physical plan to notify students in the event of localized emergencies, such as severe weather or power outages. Students will be notified as soon as the procedure has been finalized.

The next Student Council meeting will take place on Thursday, January 12, 2017.

Hands-on Training in Tampa Bay


Hands-on training involves active participation rather than theory. It shows that an individual understands a concept and can perform the real-world application of a theoretical practice. At National Aviation Academy (NAA), our aviation maintenance curriculum pairs with hands-on training so that students are able to harness the skills necessary to excel in the field. On December 1, 3rd term students began one of many projects that they will complete before graduating. Watching students with little to no experience evolve into professionals, over the course of just fourteen months, is what it’s all about!