Encouraging Community Engagement at High Point Elementary

High Point Elementary, located just down the road from NAA’s Tampa Bay campus, considers it essential that “school staff, families, and community members work collaboratively to ensure the success of ALL students.”* We couldn’t agree more. NAA has proudly partnered with High Point Elementary by donating T-shirts to their 5th grade class, encouraging community engagement and support.

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In their mission, the elementary sets out “create learners who are prepared to move on to the next level and be lifelong learners and productive citizens within our community.”* Motivating life-long learners is something we will always champion – and gladly so, in the case of High Point Elementary’s 5th grade class!

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Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Day 2017

Aviation provides vital connectivity to our world. For over a century, it has offered us safe travel, efficiency, freedom, adventure and commerce. Most recently, expedited cargo operations and lower costs of flying have changed how we are able to connect with each other across the globe. Aviation has become an essential force in our every day lives. That said, this fact is simple: aviation cannot function without the hard work and dedication of AMTs.

AMTs  touch our lives in ways we ought to consider. Their hands make planes, helicopters and airships fly. Their work, challenges, deadlines and accomplishments are present in every commercial air delivery received or flight taken. A&Ps are inside of the machines. Every button a pilot has ever pushed—that’s them. They don’t ask for thanks, because a job well done is a requirement. People’s lives depend on it.

Charles E. Taylor is considered the first AMT. He was the mechanical support behind the Wright Brother’s iconic aviation legacy. AMT Day is celebrated every May 24th to honor his life and memory, and to recognize the professional airmen and airwomen who keep our airborne aviation infrastructure safe. To us, every day is AMT day.

Happy AMT Day 2017 from all of us at NAA!

Tampa Bay Career Fair – May 2017

Did you know that over 679,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed in the aviation industry by 2035? Boeing’s 2016 Pilot and Technician Outlook has indicated that the demand for skilled technicians outpaces the rate at which positions can be filled.

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NAA graduates are trained to fill the skills gap and enter the aviation global marketplace as certified A&P mechanics. Some of the industry’s best employers attend our Career Fairs to meet and recruit our students, whose reputation for excellence precedes them.

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Career Fairs are a milestone in the NAA experience. Direct contact with industry representatives allows students to get a clearer picture of what they want and what they’ll be doing after graduation. Plus, there are the interviews.

Our most recent Career Fair took place at the Tampa Bay campus on Thursday, May 11, 2017. 30 companies attended, 103 onsite interviews took place, 39 offers were made on the spot and 34 offers are now pending.