5 Ways to Thank Veterans AFTER Veterans Day

David Mead, Senior Executive Vice President of Education and Operations, speaks to Veterans at the Tampa Bay campus on Veterans Day
Nate Mitchell, Instructor, speaking with Veterans at the Tampa Bay campus on Veterans Day

We loved the opportunity to salute our Veterans last week, and did so through various different initiatives. From speaker presentations, to on-campus snacks and a flag folding, it was a special day of thanks.

NAA Veterans folding the American flag on Veterans Day 2017
Veteran students folding the American flag on Veterans Day 2017


We also considered some important words from President John F. Kennedy this Veterans Day: “[a]s we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.”

In honor of this sentiment, here are 5 meaningful ways you can give thanks to Veterans any time of year:

  1. Show up!
    Find local events in your area and take part. From parades to speaking events, showing up matters. Your presence is an opportunity to connect with and show support for our military branches.
  2. Donate
    There are plenty of great local charities and organizations that support, service and show appreciation for our Veterans. Find one that is meaningful to you and give!
  3. Ask someone about their service
    This might seem simple… but showing interest is also impactful. Some questions to ask are: What did you do in the military? Why did you choose your branch? How long did you serve? What was your favorite moment while serving? Has anyone else in your family been in the military?
  4. Visit a VA Hospital
    Find out the rules and regulations of your nearest VA Hospital and see if you can make a visit! Spending the day with a patient or volunteering your time are ways you can give back directly.
  5. Don’t confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day
    These two days have very different significance for those who have served. In order to be respectful, take the time to know why! Memorial Day is to remember those who lost their lives while serving. Veterans Day is a time to thank those who have served or who are still serving. Confusing or compounding the two diminishes the importance of both.

Ways to thank our Veterans are limitless. What are some others that you can think of?

Benefits for Transitioning Military

Every day is a day to be grateful for the service of our Veterans. As November 11th quickly approaches, we at NAA want to thank, honor and show respect for those who have served.

Beyond gratitude, though, it is important to engage military and veteran communities in meaningful ways. Recognizing their sacrifice and taking action to make good on the promises made when they entered service is essential. Ensuring these promises, and the success of our ex-military, is often dependent upon the transition period from the military to back into civilian life.

At NAA, we understand that Veterans will want to put the same dedication with which they served into whatever comes next. NAA’s courses in Aviation Maintenance and Advanced Aircraft Systems have been designed so that Veterans gain an in-depth education, preparing them to work for industry leaders in record time.

Benefits for Transitioning Military Include:

  • Acquiring the skills, structure, and support needed to enter the aviation maintenance workforce
  • Opportunities to apply the same dedication, passion and drive characteristic of military service to the next phase of life
  • Direct contact with industry leaders seeking new-hire personnel for in-demand, high-earning positions

Additionally, Marylou Krentzman, Corporate Vice President of Career Services, states that “the benefit of being ex-military and having Airframe and Powerplant [certification] is that the majority of aerospace companies take the military first. It is simply a matter of their discipline and ability to get a job done properly.”

NAA’s Veteran population has made the decision to invest in themselves, their families and their futures. For more information about how you can make the transition to aviation maintenance, contact our Tampa Bay campus at (800) 659-2080 or our New England campus at (800) 292-3228.

Celebrating Halloween at NAA

It’s the one time of year that students are free to style themselves as monsters, superheroes and movie stars, all while eating candy until their stomaches ache. Halloween has remained an annual tradition on NAA campuses, allowing students and staff to celebrate their creativity and individuality in costume for the day.

Halloween 2
NAA-New England students in Halloween costumes
An NAA-New England student dressed up as a cat.
An NAA-New England student dressed as a cat








An NAA-Tampa Bay student dressed as a pirate.
An NAA-Tampa Bay student in a pirate costume

Students were dressed in a variety of costumes from their favorite shows, comics and dreams. There were even a couple of Rosie the Riveters on campus! Thank you to our students for making it such a fun and festive day at NAA.